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The Team

The Team

NWTS Consultant Team

  1. Suzy Emsden - NWTS Lead Consultant

  2. Anna McNamara - NWTS Consultant

  3. Constantinos Kanaris - NWTS Consultant and Consultant Paediatric Intensivist - Addenbrooke's PICU

  4. Kate Parkins - NWTS Consultant and Consultant Paediatric Intensivist - AHCH

  5. Kathryn Wood - NWTS Consultant and Consultant Paediatric Intensivist - RMCH

  6. Kunal Kumar - NWTS Consultant and Consultant Paediatric Intensivist - RMCH PICU

  7. Lisa Pritchard - NWTS Consultant and Consultant Paediatric Intensivist - UHNM

  8. Mary-Ann Bentham - NWTS Consultant and Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist - RMCH

  9. Simon Davies - NWTS Consultant and Consultant Paediatric Intensivist - AHCH

Sessional Commitments

  1. Mike Entwistle - Consultant Anaesthetist - Royal Lancaster Hospital

  2. Jon McViety - Consultant Paediatrician - Bolton

  3. Pete Murphy - Consultant Anaesthetist

NWTS Clinical Fellows/Registrars

Six Clinical Fellows/Registrars work on the Trainee Medical Rota. The trainees rotate from either Royal Manchester Children's Hospital or Alder Hey Children's Hospital. These posts include trainees with Paediatric, Anaesthetic, Emergency Medicine or PICM backgrounds.

If you are interested in a post at NWTS please contact Dr Suzy Emsden or Dr Lisa Pritchard.

NWTS Nursing Team

A team of full-time NWTS Nurses are responsible for service delivery, co-ordination of the Outreach Education Programme, clinical governance and in-house training. For further information please contact:

A team of 25, NWTS trained, senior nursing staff from the Paediatric Intensive Care Units at both Alder Hey Children's Hospital and Royal Manchester Children's Hospital support the NWTS team on a rotational basis.

NWTS Administration Team

A team of Administrators provides 24 hour cover for the Referral Line and co-ordinate incoming calls, tele-conferencing and communication with clinical team members.

Administrator's duties also include helping organise NWTS Conferences and educational events, maintain the NWTS database, input data into PICANet and assist the clinical team with audit.

  1. Daniel McGrath - Assistant Operational Manager NWTS & RMCH PCC

  2. Angela Brimelow - Administrator

  3. Andrea Bowker - Administrator

  4. Georgia Hatton - Administrator

  5. Janet Fahy - Administrator

  6. Sam Minton - Administrator

  7. Victoria Hancox - Administrator

NWTS Ambulance Team

St John Ambulance provides a team of Ambulance staff who drive a fleet of dedicated NWTS Ambulances and offer appropriate support to the clinical teams. All drivers have received blue-light driving training and have been trained in basic life support.

  1. Jo Walton - Driver

  2. Lee Wright - Driver

  3. Mark Foster - Driver

  4. Simon Davenport - Driver