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Sabbatical Opportunities

Maintaining competence and confidence in managing acute paediatric critical care patients is a national challenge for all clinical staff (Anaesthetic, A+E, ICU and paediatric).

Courses and simulation are good but do not foster the same level of confidence as direct clinical care. Opportunities to gain experience in supernumary attachments is limited, both in DGH and tertiary settings.

Ideally opportunities in own/partner institutions should be maximised first ie visiting neighbouring DGH anaesthetic department that perform paediatric surgery / visiting DGH neonatal unit etc. before visiting tertiary units.

Opportunities and funding for visiting other centres is supported by Royal College of Anaesthetists (see exert below).

Exert from anaesthetic "general provision of anaesthetic services 2016"

4 Training and education -
4.7 Some anaesthetists working in non-specialist centres will not have regular children’s lists but may have both
daytime and out-of-hours responsibility to provide care for children requiring emergency surgery. There should
be arrangements for undertaking regular supernumerary attachments to lists or secondments to specialist
centres. There should be evidence of appropriate and relevant paediatric CPD in the five-year revalidation cycle
4.9 There must be funded arrangements for all consultants and career grade staff who have any responsibility
to provide anaesthesia for children to participate in relevant CPD that relates to paediatric anaesthesia and
resuscitation, and to their level of specialty practice.

Enclosed are contact details for the North West and North Wales tertiary services. Content/structure/process of any placements cannot be guarenteed by NWTS, we are sign-posting opportunities and links.

The "NHS cetificate of fitness for honorary practice" allows substantive NHS consultants to by-pass alot of red tape when wishing to visit another hospital, however not all trusts have implemented the scheme.

Alder Hey Anaesthetic Department
0151 252 5223
They accept certificate for honorary pactice

Alder Hey Paediatric Intensive Care Unit or
They accept certificate for honorary pactice

Liverpool Women's Hospital Neonatal Unit
Individual needs discussed and tailored

North West and North Wales Paedaitric Transport Service (NWTS)
01925 853550
All staff working in a regional hospital / training scheme are covered by critical care network agreement, so no red tape.

Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Anaesthetic Department
0161 901 1263/4

Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

Details TBC

St Marys Neonatal Unit
They allow observerships not practical proceedures