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Paediatric Emergency Drugs Calculator


This drugs and infusions spreadsheet was written to provide a set of standard orders for common drugs used at paediatric emergency codes and on the PICU.

Please note Crashcall is based on weight estimation formulae that may differ from APLS

It prints out in colour on two sides of A4.

All calculations are based on NWTS standards and compliant with local practice at Royal Manchester Children’s and Alder Hey Children’s Hospitals.

It may be downloaded free-of-charge by clicking on the link above.

This spreadsheet will be updated as required.

Version Infomation

Version 12.0 Expiry Date 31/01/25

Version 11.2 - Fentanyl Reinstated

Version 11.1 - Released 17/10/12

Release note: Fentanyl calculation suspended pending clarification of indication.


If you have any questions or comments please email us at:


If you find this spreadsheet useful please consider making a donation to the RMCH Hospital Charity, where the authors are based, by clicking on the following link:


Whilst every effort has been made to ensure this spreadsheet is free from errors, the user must verify that all doses and infusion regimes comply with local policies before administering medications.

The authors cannot accept any liability for medications erroneously administered.