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Outreach Education

A significant part of NWTS' role is to provide a formal Outreach Education Programme for District General Hospital staff, within the region, involved in the care of the critically ill or injured child. We have committed to providing at least one session in each hospital per year. We aim to run outreach between April and October.

Programme TBC for 2022 to include:
NWTS Guideline Updates
Sepsis guideline and Case Discussion
Interesting Cases from Region
Communication and Effective Referrals to NWTS
Update on National Status Epilepticus Audit and Guideline

Contact Nicola Longden or Katie Higgins to organise your hospital's outreach education for 2022.

Who should attend outreach?

Outreach is open to all of the MDT. We welcome colleagues from Emergency Department, Paediatrics, Anaesthetics, and anywhere else that looks after Paediatric patients.
It is open to nurses, students, health care support workers, ODPs, consultants, medics, physiotherapists etc.

Typical Outreach Education

  1. Review of Clinical Cases Presenting to your Hospital

  2. Update on Aspects of Management of a Critically Ill or Injured Child

  3. Simulation and Case-based Discussions