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NWTS Link Nurse Training

NWTS Link Nurse Photo

Paediatric Critical Care Nurses Sub-Group

If you are interested in becoming a link nurse please contact or via email

We meet 4 times a year.
Next meetings:
Wednesday 1st April 2020
Thursday 9th July 2020
Wednesday 7th October 2020

The link nurse dates will take place at NWTS

Here at NWTS we have set up a NWTS Link Nurse Group and invited District General Hospitals to nominate 2-3 Nurses to represent them (eg 1 from Paediatric Ward and another from an A&E and/or Theatre area where children are stabilised).

The NWTS Link Nurses will also be responsible for updating, as necessary, the NWTS Educational Resource File.

Link nurses are able to access and book education days for other nurses in their DGHs. Information about this will be available in the meetings.

Link Nurse Conference

Once a year we run a conference for our link nurses. The programme for last year was as follows:
Proactive Paediatrics may Prevent Premature PICU
Introduction to Advanced Nurse Practice
Nursing in India
Human Factors & Excellence
Advanced Communication with Actors

The date for the nurse conference for 2020 is 5th May 2020.
This is open to all nurses who wish to attend. Please click link below to book on: